Catching Up . . .

Hello, again! My, a lot has happened since I wrote that first post . . . I hardly know where to begin. First, though: Bestemor is having a lot of trouble uploading photos from her iPhone and her camera. So there won’t be as many photos as I had hoped to show you. I do hope she gets that fixed soon.

In my last post we were in Glasgow. We had a wonderful day there, but didn’t do very much. We did get on a bus and rode it to one end of the run, then to the other end, and back to downtown again. We wanted to see what everything looked like to someone who lived there and took the bus to work or to see friends. It was a lovely ride and the bus drivers were very friendly and helpful.

On our third day in Scotland we were up early and off to catch a bus to Edinburgh. It is less than an hour to get there, even though the cities are on opposite sides of the country. I have to keep reminding myself that ALL of Great Britain is smaller than British Columbia, so places are pretty easy to get to.

I am going to write a separate post about Edinburgh and I shall catch up later on some of our adventures. I am not going to try and write about them in order, but I will tell you when they happened. And Bestemor wants to write about our Best Day Ever! (so far . . .)

Our first glimpse of Alba – about 7.30 am, 14 May 2018

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