About Flora

Hello! I’m glad you stopped by for a visit. I’m sharing this blog with my human friend, Bestemor. That means ‘Grandmother’ in Norwegian, you know.

Are you curious about me and why I am writing this? Well, I am a miniature sheep from BC, Canada and I’m about to go on a Great Adventure with Bestemor and I thought if I wrote about it, you and your friends could follow along. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the ‘comments’ section at the end of each post. I will be very busy while we are away, but I will read all your comments and answer as many as I can.

I am lucky that I am so small I fit into Bestemor’s pocket and when I don’t feel like walking, she will carry me for a while.

One reason I am excited is that I am going to meet one of my cousins who lives in southern England. We write letters back and forth, but this will be the first time I can see her and give her a big hug. She is excited about meeting me, too.

Do you have a map of Europe? You will need one, especially one that shows Scotland and England, at least to begin with. We hope to visit other places, too. I will let you know where we are planning to go so you can find the places on your map. You may want to have a dictionary handy, too, in case I use words that are new to you. Isn’t it fun, learning new words? Well, I think it is!

Have you ever gone on a Great Adventure? This is my first one. I have been just skipping with the excitement of it all! Bestemor has been telling me about some of the historic places we may see. I won’t tell you now, though; you will have to wait until we get there.

Sometimes we will be having a quiet evening or afternoon, so I want to take something to do with me, too. I think I will take a bit of knitting and maybe some crochet hooks, just in case. Bestemor has enough yarn for both of us, but her needles and hooks are too big for my tiny hands, so I shall bring my own. I would like to make a scarf for my cousin. Do you like to make things? You can tell me about it in the comments below if you like.

I think I will take my sketchbook and some pencils, too. It will be fun to draw some of the flowers and plants we see in different towns. If any of my drawings are good ones, I’ll share the with you here.