Alba · Glasgow


One of the last photos of Mount Ida, above Salmon Arm, where Bestemor and I live.

Hi, everyone! Welcome to my blog. I hope you like reading about adventures, because I plan to have lots of them. If you want to read about me, go to the ‘About’ page here. I am travelling with my good friend, Bestemor, which means ‘Grandmother’ in Norwegian. All Bestemor’s grandchildren call her that and she said I may do the same. (and so may you, if you like). I am Flora and you can read about me on the ‘About’ page here.

Bestemor and I were at the airport in Kelowna, BC, early on Sunday the 13th of May. This was an especially good day, we thought, as several special people in Bestemor’s family have their birthdays on that date and it was also Mother’s Day in Canada! We flew away just before 9 in the morning.

First we flew to Toronto, then to Halifax, where we got off the plane for about an hour so cleaning could be done. Then we got on again and off we went to Glasgow.

It was just after 8 am when we arrived and went through customs. Next we took an airport bus to Buchanan Bus Station. Only a few minutes after we got off the bus, Bestemor had made a new friend, Ruth! They talked on the sidewalk for over half an hour, then decided to go for tea at a Gregg’s. Bestemor had her first Bacon Butty, which is a bun with bacon inside and brown sauce, too. And she had her first cup of Scottish tea. I had a nibble of the bun, which was very good, but I am a sheep, so I don’t  eat meat. The tea was good, too. Ruth and Bestemor were still talking, so Bestemor had a sausage bun and another cup of tea. They talked a LONG time! Lucky for me, Bestemor had a wee bag of oats in her pocket, just for me.

Ruth used to live near Calgary, Alberta. She was a shepherd with over 500 sheep, but she sold them. Now she is back in Scotland, where she grew up. She has invited me and Bestemor to visit for a few days in August, before the concert. Ruth lives in Arbroath, where the famous ‘Smokies’ come from. Smokies are smoked salmon. Bestemor wants to try them and see if they are as good as the smoked salmon she has had in BC.

I was in Bestemor’s pocket for most of this time, so I don’t have any photos to show you. I took some later, though.

I hope you have a map of Scotland somewhere, so you can follow along on my exciting travels.

Did you notice the title of this post? It is ‘Alba’. That’s because the proper name of Scotland in Scottish Gaelic is Alba. The ancient capital of Alba is Stirling and we shall be there in August. Bestemor is very excited about that!

We had a wonderful time in Alba and I have stories to share with you. Come back soon and you can read some of them. There will be photos next time, too. See you then!