22 June 2018: By the sea, by the beautiful sea . . .

On Friday one of my new friends, Veronica, took me along and we drove south to Littlehampton, a small town which overlooks the English Channel. It was a lovely few hours and we enjoyed every bit of it. Flora didn’t want to get her wool wet, so she stayed behind and had a restful day.


I loved the look of these houses as we drove through Littlehampton to one of the car parks. The shapes of the gables is quite striking.


I was struck by this War Memorial, but we were driving and there was no place safe to stop, so you can only get a glimpse of the side that caught my eye. If you were walking toward the Memorial, you would see two lovely flower beds. In each bed the red flowers form the shape of a Memorial Poppy. They were so lovely! This November marks the 100th anniversary of the Armistice that ended World War I and that’s a very important day for me. I shall never forget the lives that were sacrificed in so many ways, whether those young men died or whether they bore the marks of their service for the rest of their lives.

If you look carefully along the edge of the door frame you will see the outline of one of the red poppies where the two flower beds flank the approach.


After parking the car, we walked around and visited a few of the charity shops, which are like the thrift shops at home that raise money for charities. I don’t think I took pictures of the shops, but Veronica took this one of me. I was so happy to see this wee Yoda! I have never forgotten his saying, “There is no Try; there is only Do!” So true.


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After the charity shops we were hungry and walked down to the seaside. Above you can see the view from our table, from left to right. The tide was out, so I didn’t get to dip my toes in the English Channel, but maybe next time . . . I’d like to walk along that pier to the end, too. I meant to bring home a pebble, but I forgot. I did find a lovely seagull feather, though. I love feathers of all sorts and have a small collection now.


We went to one of the fish and chip shops and bought our lunch, then sat at metal tables in the sun, so we could enjoy the view while we ate. Isn’t the sea a long way out?


And the fish and chips were as good as they look in this picture! I was SO excited to see rollmops on the menu and I bought one. You can see it in the wee paper cup between the small chips and the fish. In case you don’t know, rollmops are a Scandinavian delicacy. They are a strip of pickled herring wrapped around a sliver of dill pickle (in this case) and some strips of pickled onion.

When I was a girl, we went to the drive-in theatre most weekends in the summer. It was a great way to entertain not only the parents, but also nine children from the baby to me in my teens and was definitely affordable. Occasionally, my parents would buy a small plastic keg of rollmops and the three of us would eat most of them during the show. I think those kegs held about two litres. I have one of those kegs as a keepsake, but I think I bought it in a thrift store.

We didn’t only have rollmops, though. We usually brought large paper bags of home-popped popcorn and quart jars of Freshie, which was the Canadian forerunner to the US Kool-Aid. Sometimes we went to the refreshment stand during the intermission and bought small ice cream cones, sometimes we bought a bottle of pop (soda) and a few bags of popcorn to share during the movie itself.

In those days, there was at least one cartoon, then a short feature film (what we would call a documentary today), then an animated ad for the refreshment stand. Those were followed by an intermission to allow people time to buy more popcorn or pop or chocolate bars. Then came the full two hour movie. Going to the movies was a lot more fun in those days, I think.

But back to the rollmops . . . I am half Norwegian, as my mother’s parents were both born in Norway, and I find the rollmops a lovely way of connecting with my heritage. I’m sure I shall have many more ways soon.


I had eaten half the rollmop’s herring before I thought to take a photo, but this will give you the idea . . .

On our way back to the car park we stopped at a restaurant to see the displays on the walls inside, and hanging from the high ceiling and all along the upper part of the walls. There were many items from the two World Wars, including a dory hanging above. I’m not sure if I have a photo of that. There was so much to see . . . Above are photos of a model of Nelson’s ‘Victory’ and a painting of him dying on the deck, as well as a painting of the sea battle at Trafalgar. The last photo is of me standing in front of a ship’s bell and a selection of various ship’s equipment.

Above the door to the toilets hangs a very old ship’s toilet. It was interesting to see. I didn’t take a photo of that, either. Perhaps another time, if my luck continues to hold.

The day was over far too soon, but we both had things to do back in Surrey, so off we went. Our trip home was lovely, but there were roadworks in several places, so we got caught behind very long queues of cars, making us quite a bit later than we’d planned.

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I am in love with the English countryside! The roads are quite narrow compared to BC country roads. The trees often overhang the road, creating green leafy tunnels that are delightful. And the sight of cloud shadows moving across the fields is stunning. I was so pleased to see the red double-decker bus on the road, too. And hedgerows! I could write a post only about hedgerows. I’ve long been an advocate of them; they serve so many purposes. I am so lucky to be living where they are an everyday sight.

IMG_2867Doors are something else that interest me and I was happy to see this one in time to photograph it. This particular door I like not only for itself, but for the lovely arch and the interesting contrast formed by the combination of wood, stone and brick in the wall around it.

Thanks for stopping by, everyone. Do leave a comment if you like and if you have any questions or if there is something you would like to see a photo of, do let me know. I’ll do my best to answer questions and post photos.

In the meantime, I hope your summer is going as well as mine is. The weather continues to be perfect here, warm but not too hot, lovely fluffy clouds at times and not much rain.

See you next time!  ~ Bestemor (and Flora says hi, too!)